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Immersive Space

The immersive space is an experimental platform, which provides a powerful facility to researchers involved in the VR field, an easy access to VR to researchers in related areas and a high quality showroom to present the research center results and display interactive research results.

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You are interested at Inria’s software production or you want to understand what Inria’s researchers are working on ? Feel free to contact us and visit our showroom. The Showroom is a dedicated place which will allow you to assist to demonstration about Inria’s software and prototypes. Depending on your goals, we provide different levels …

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RApp Prototype State at april 7th

A new version of the prototype developed for the RApp project has been delivered on march 30th. The prototype is made of three parts, all written in HopJS: a robot simulator; an application embedded in the robot; an application located in a cloud server; The purpose of the different parts: The robot simulator simulates services …

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