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Jun 30

Enforce c++11 flags using cmake

Since CMake 3.2, it is possible to enforce in very simple way the use of c++11 features (see Craig Scott’s blog post for more details). Until now in dtk, we had to test the architecture (Apple, Unix or Windows), then check whether the compiler provides c++11 support or not and eventually set dedicated flags manually.

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Apr 12

dtk plugins tricks

In this post, we are going to explore two tricks around plugins: auto-loading and application private plugins.

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Apr 07

How to create a dtk-based application

In this blog post, I will show you an example of the creation of a dtk base application : dtk-traces . In case you don’t know it already, dtk is a meta-platform to develop scientific applications. A thoughtful presentation can be found here: dtk-introduction

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Mar 29

Protected: BuildingSmart [english only]

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Nov 10

Using dtk within Fortran code and outlook

In the context of the ADT Simon related to the Inria Project Lab (IPL) C2S@Exa dealing with High Performance Computations (HPC), a lot of efforts were made by the dtk team to develop both API and efficient back-ends for parallel sparse linear algebra. Simultaneously, Tristan Cabel modified the Fortran code TRACES from the Andra Institute …

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Jun 02

Trick of the day: monitoring the Linux filesystem changes in “real time”

Ever wanted to monitor the filesystem changes ? Since Linux 2.6.25, the kernel provides us with a signal driven I/O notification API and the inotify-tools RPM provides a set of tools to interact with the kernel. inotify in action: a simple way to test this API is to run the following command in a terminal …

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