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Nov 10

Deploying Qt based applications without the hassle.

With the advent of the Qt Installer FrameWork (QtIFW), it has never been easier to provide installers for your Qt based applications. Such installers can be either online (i.e. they fetch contents from the internet from repositories during the installation process, thus allowing updates), or offline (i.e. all the contents is bundled into the installer). …

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Jun 02

Trick of the day: prefetching a callback into the QApplication event loop

Qt provide a standard mechanism (aboutToQuit() signal) to insure that a callback is executed at the end of the QApplication event loop. This is typically used to add some cleanup code to your application. Infortunately, Qt does not provide a “aboutToRun()” if you want to execute an initializing code just before the event loop. Nevertheless …

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Nov 25

Speech recognition using PocketSphinx

CMUSphinx, where CMU stands for Carnegie Mellon University, is an open source toolkit for speech recognition. This proof of concept, aims at using speech instead of a mouse to trigger transitions within a state machine, and have a visual feedback of it.

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