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dtk concept : creation and implementation

The credit of this post goes to Guillaume Cerutti from Virtual Plants project-team. A modular platform dealing with a given scientific domain is made of some key ingredients (see dtk-introduction post for more details): a set of abstract classes defining the interfaces for the data, the algorithms and the views dedicated to the scientific field …

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parallel map node in dtkComposer

dtkComposer layer Since the beginning of the dtkComposer layer, the Map and Foreach nodes allow the user to apply the same sub-composition to an input container (Qt container, std::vector, dtkArray, etc .). We can for example read a bunch of files from a given directory, put the result in a QStringList and apply a treatment …

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Heart surface extraction of a binary image

Visual programming framework of dtk enables to create very complex pipelines in a very short time. The case at stake here is provided by provided by Shuman Jia, PhD at Asclepios and it involves image processing algorithms and discrete geometry.

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