June 2016 archive

Enforce c++11 flags using cmake

Since CMake 3.2, it is possible to enforce in very simple way the use of c++11 features (see Craig Scott’s blog post for more details). Until now in dtk, we had to test the architecture (Apple, Unix or Windows), then check whether the compiler provides c++11 support or not and eventually set dedicated flags manually.

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Écrivez vos posts avec Markdown

Suite à l’installation par l’équipe SEISM d’un plugin Markdown (merci à eux), nous pourront désormais écrire nos blog-posts en utilisant la syntaxe Markdown. En pratique pour activer le mode markdown, il vous suffit d’encadrer le contenu de votre post entre les balises [ md] et [ /md]. Après une première utilisation rapide, j’ai pu détecter …

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OpenMP 4.5 SIMD

OpenMP 4.5 provides a standardised set to carry out loop vectorization. One can use simd directive to indicate that a loop should be SIMDized. As using these features should not bring too many modifications in a code and offer performance gains, we decided to test them on two real relevant cases. The code is available …

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