Graduated in CFD, Thibaud Kloczko is a software engineer at Inria. He is involved in the development of the meta platform dtk that aims at speeding up life cycle of business codes into research teams and at sharing software components between teams from different scientific fields (such as medical and biological imaging, numerical simulation, geometry, linear algebra, computational neurology).

How to move directory from a git repo to another

This post is a copy from Matthias Schoettle’s blog Let us just moved one directory within a Git repository to a directory within another repository including its history. For example: repositoryA/ “`console ………../directoryToKeep ………../otherDirectory ………../someFile.ext repositoryB/ ………../someStuff The goal is to move directoryToKeep into repositoryB with its history, i.e., all…

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CR atelier STIP- Plénières DGD-T 2018

Sujet abordé lors de l’atelier Suivi des Ingés ATT dans les projets à forte composante de dev Participants Thibaud Kloczko Jeremy Fidelak Laure Ait-Ali Nils Olivier Philippe Broun Julien Vandaele Cyril Carincotte Margot Correard Anne-Celine Lamballe Emmanuel Gothié Fabienne Elbar Stéphane Dalmas Rémi Ronchaud Cathelene Carriere Patrice Gelin Laurie Barbarin…

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