RApp Prototype State at april 7th

A new version of the prototype developed for the RApp project has been delivered on march 30th.

The prototype is made of three parts, all written in HopJS:

  1. a robot simulator;
  2. an application embedded in the robot;
  3. an application located in a cloud server;

The purpose of the different parts:

  1. The robot simulator simulates services linked with elderly reeducation with a rollator(see http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rollator), namely:
    • the connection/disconnection of a user, using a wristband as identifier of a user;
    • the data simulating the measures of an exercise are generated and sent to the embedded application.
  2. The purpose of the embedded application in the robot is:
    1. to obtain personal informations from the cloud server using the id sent by the robot simulator ;
    2. to record on the cloud the data coming from the server;
    3. to offer a user-friendly interface with the robot that can be displayed on a desktop or a tablet. This interface allows
      • to display the informations (name, current level of practive, etc.) on the patient using the robot
      • to control the exercises with the robot, providing an alternative mean to pilot the exercises than the native remote control.
  3. The application located in the cloud server allows to store persistently the data of the users and the exercises they have practiced. It provides a web application that displays the current status of the robots, and a exercise history browser.

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