Nov 25

DreamTech : project management using GitFlow


Git is a very powerful tool providing a very efficient branching system. However, using git is not straightforward and when one wants to carry out an efficient workflow to manage a project, it is necessary to use several complex commands so that nobody is able to follow the workflow.

This Dreamtech aims at presenting the workflow that we carry out in all our software projects and the tool, namely gitflow, that we use to make it easier to follow.

As usual, we only carry out standard models so one could find many details about gitflow on the Web. Here are the main ones:

  • the reference post of Vincent Driessen.
  • the post of Synbioz that we use as canvas for this presentation
  • the website semver that presents the semantic versionning that one can easily couple to gitflow.

Finally, the best guide about GitFlow is provided by Atlassian.

Slides of the presentation

They are available here.

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