How-to publish a DTK module / finish a git-flow feature

First, develop some feature in a branch, open a merge request. After it’s been reviewed and merged into develop:

git checkout master
git pull
git checkout develop
git pull

So that the two synchronization branches are up to date.

Now we have to choose a release tag according to the following rule : a small change that does not change the API increases the patch version, a big change or an API change increases the minor version.

git flow release start X.Y.Z

Now we edit two files in the root directory:

  1. CMakeLists.txt : write the new minor and patch versions at lines containing VERSION_MINOR and VERSION_PATCH.
  2. (in some modules called : document all the changes from the previous release.


git commit CMakeLists.txt
git flow release finish X.Y.Z
git push --follow-tags
git checkout master
git push

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