FusionForge 6.0 Upgrade

The Inria Forge is fully upgraded (OS and FusionForge) today, Tuesday June 2nd.
The service will be unavailable for a few hours during that day. Hopefully, the service should be restored for 12AM.

We advise you to anticipate this forge upgrade, especially if you are close to a deadline.

Changes in the upcoming 6.0 version:
– Immediate system actions (0-delay for new project, new repository, new SSH key…), which is now the standard behavior for code repositories;
– Unified, concurrent SSH & HTTPS access to Git and SVN, so that the security policy can be enforced in the same manner for both;
– Technology preview : new TaskBoard plugin supporting Scrum and Kanban agile methodologies;
– Complete feature list available at http://fusionforge.org/
– Updated Inria theme.

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