PREDNET (PREDator adhoc NETwork) proposes to do research on the most suitable technology, topology and subsequent deployment of wireless sensor networks for sparsely populated outlying rural, conservation and wilderness areas, for effective monitoring and protection of resources and ecosystems. To do so, PREDNET will pursue the following objectives:

  • Design of routing protocols for data retrieval from low energy consumption sensors, while considering environmental and antenna characteristics. Mobility, robustness and energy efficiency would be prime considerations.
  • Development of experimental platforms, further implemented in real networks to test and validate hardware and software development.
  • Investigation of smart mechanisms to enforce data resilience and network reliability.
  • Design and evaluation of hardware for on-animal sensing and monitoring.
  • Design of compact, electronically reconfigurable antennas for frequency hierarchical cluster networks specifically adapted to the abovementioned target environment.
  • Working towards the establishment of an integrated technological platform to support biological research.

PREDNET is a LIRIMA project-team started in January 2013. For more information regarding the LIRIMA, follow that link.