Vin de Silva – Point-clouds, sensor networks, and persitence: algebraic topology in the 21st century

26 mars 2009

de_silvaEver since the discovery and publication of the persistent homology algorithm, by Edelsbrunner, Letscher and Zomorodian in 2000, classical algebraic topology has enjoyed new life as a field of applied mathematics. Whereas algebraic topology has traditionally been regarded as a technically complex and challenging discipline, the underlying geometric intuitions are very natural. In the 21st century, these beautiful ideas are accessible to anyone: large experimental data sets provide a rich source of examples, while powerful computers carry out the necessary homological algebra.

I will discuss several modern applications of algebraic topology, from nonlinear statistics to sensor networks. The talk is intended for a general audience.

Vin Del Silva (Pomona College, USA)

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