Creating a new version

It is possible to submit successive versions of a document.

Link to the CCSD documentation

Only the most recent will appear by default in read mode, but all of them will be kept on the server and can therefore be viewed. Each version is given a different date, validated by the server, which can subsequently be referred to in order to establish the order of priority of the versions.

For each document uploaded, the server automatically sends a password by email to the submitter’s address. This password can be used to make any subsequent modifications, such as replacement with a new version. It is good practice to communicate this password to all co-authors of the article.

Each submitter can view his/her submissions by logging in and clicking on ’My space /My submission’. Here, he/she can modify all the documents he/she has submitted, without requiring any password other than his/her personal password

IMPORTANT : as indicated in the section Deleting files, it is not possible to remove a previous version of a document once it has been submitted and moderated.

To deposit a new version, see Add a file.

It is not possible to create a new version that is a record only if the previous version was a submission accompanied by a file.

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