Making a submission


Possible actions following a modification request

After submitting a publication in HAL, you may receive a message like this:

| Subject: [HAL - INRIA] hal-00xxxxxx, version 1: submission to be modified
| Dear Ms XX,
| Your document, hal-00xxxxxx, version 1 (password: xxxxx), cannot be accepted in its present state on the HAL - INRIA server (
Please make the following corrections to your document by logging into the server:
|Modification request: The document you have submitted in HAL contains a file taken from a published commercial journal. This journal does NOT allow publishers’ files to be deposited in HAL and we are therefore unable to accept this document. However, if you are able to provide us with a file you have produced yourself, such as the one you sent to the publisher, we will be happy to make it available in HAL as soon as possible. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Kind regards, The Inria team

Requests for modifications may vary in nature (e.g. a request concerning publisher’s files, as in the example above, a request for a change in the order of the authors, etc.)

The publication cannot be deposited in HAL in its present state and you are therefore asked to modify it.

To do this, go to ""My space/My submissions" and select the publication:

Then choose one of the following options concerning the publication:

- "View": to view the metadata for the publication;

- "Modify" : to modify the metadata for the publication;

- "Annotate/Reply": to add a field for a comment/a reply to the request made of you. See an example here:

If you make a comment, it will be sent to the moderating team, which will take action accordingly (publishing the document online or making an additional request).

- "Delete" : to delete the submission.

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