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A tool developed by the CCSD (CNRS)
Launched at the end of 2010.

SciencesConf is an application designed to provide and centralise all the computing tools required by participants and organisers of conferences dedicated exclusively to the Higher Education and Research community. All of these tools are accessible via a dedicated web platform hosted by the CCSD (Centre pour la Communication Scientifique Directe), which guarantees its sustainability.

The interoperability of SciencesConf with an archive opened in HAL is ensured, allowing contributors to automatically transfer proceedings submitted to SciencesConf or to create a collection from their conference. If you use SciencesConf you can submit conference proceedings under HAL by simply following these steps:

  • Functionalities of SciencesConf

The platform offers the following functionalities for conferences:

  • For participants: registration, submission of papers
  • For organisers: hosting and personalisation of websites (template, appearance, content, site statistics,
    • tools for managing registrations, selecting submissions,
    • organising the programme, sending emails - calls for papers, reminders - etc.),
    • electronic editing, exporting papers to an archive opened in HAL and configuration. Details
  • Submitting a paper under SciencesConf
    • You are the author or co-author

Prerequisite: you must be registered for a conference hosted by

Registration :

Registration is possible during a timeframe established by the organisers.

  • If you already have a SciencesConf or HAL account you can sign in directly, using your logins.
  • If you do not have an account, fill in the form on the Create an account page . You will receive confirmation of your new account by email, along with an activation link.

How to submit a paper:

Once you have registered you can submit a paper under HAL via SciencesConf by following the steps below:

1. Provide the metadata (title, abstract, type and theme, language, date written, keywords, comments...)

2. Add the names of the authors and laboratories This step consists in providing the author(s)’ details. If they are already registered, this information will be filled in automatically. If this is not the case, click on Add a new author and fill in his/her details (first and last name, email) as well as the organisation (research laboratory, institution...) for which an auto-complete tool, based on the list of HAL laboratories, is also available.

If you cannot find the laboratory, click on "Add a new laboratory" and fill in the information (name, country, institution). If you cannot find the laboratory’s supervisory institution, click on "Add a new institution".

3. Transfer files (optional) A specific field allows you to select a file on your computer. Then click on Transfer. Specify the file that will be featured during consultations (main file). A PDF file is automatically created if the file is transferred in a different format.

4. Export publications to an archive opened in HAL Documents are transferred to HAL by the conference organiser in just 1 click, via the conference website.

  • Transferring documents to HAL

Conference organisers

Prerequisite: if you do not have a SciencesConf account, click on "Create an account" or use your HAL account.

Creating a conference:

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