Exporting your bibliography (XML, BibTeX)

It is possible to make an XML/BibTeX export from Haltools (INRIA login required).

To access this function, select the menu "Export your publications" in Haltools.

Exporting your publications is a 2-stage process:

- Entering the search criteria and launching the search

- Configuring the export

  • Several export formats are available (XML, BibteX and BibteX Raweb). BibteX Raweb is used to generate automatically the bibliographies of Inria teams; this BibteX integrates fields specific in Raweb.
  • The language allows certain labels (document type, report type, etc.) to be translated
  • Accents in LaTeX allows you to translate accents into LaTeX for BibTeX exports when you check the box, or to leave the accents in latin1.

When you click on the ‘Export’ button, the result of the export is calculated in a file that you can download. A URL is provided which enables you to relaunch this export whenever you want.

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