Exporting your bibliography (others formats)

There are these ways to export a bibliography :

  • By export from HAL-Inria (Tab"Services>"Exporter une liste de publications")
  • By Raweb export (Tab"Services>"Haltools : export raweb")

By export from HAL-Inria

Enables you to export files in LaTeX, BibTeX, RTF, PDF, PS, HTML, XML, Excel, or text file format.

IMPORTANT: By default, this function only exports the latest version and gives the records for invisible submissions (if the corresponding box is checked)

How do I export a list of a project-team’s publications from all instances spanning several years?

The solution for exporting publications from all instances is to use the ’Export’ function via the INRIA collection. This collection contains the INRIA publications from all HAL instances. The address is as follows:

Go to:

  • View/ By collection,
  • Click on ’Institution’ then INRIA – French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control
  • Enter in the input fields the year (year) and the name of the laboratory (name, affiliation of the project/laboratory) for which you wish the export to be performed

IMPORTANT: this export cannot be used for the Raweb, as the metadata exported do not match the data formatting required by the Raweb.

By Raweb export

The ‘Raweb export’ button allows you to export, in BibTeX format, the publications of your project-team in the format required by Raweb (project activity report).

Note: this only concerns publications for the current year for a given project-team.

Click on the Service/Raweb Export tab, then indicate the name of your project in the input field and click on ‘Search’

A BibTeX file is created containing the publications pertaining to the selected project from the current year.

IMPORTANT: As the ‘standards’ category does not exist in HAL, you will, after the Raweb export from HAL, have to modify the document type to @standard so that the reference of your standard is included in the ‘Standards and patents’ category in the Raweb.

The BibTeX export for the activity report is also accessible directly via Haltools and can be used to export the BibTeX files, for example by selecting the author or project, and the year of publication.

Submitting your publications in HAL allows you to save time producing the Raweb. This export automatically adds the new mandatory fields to your BibTeX, as well as the URL of your article in HAL, and therefore saves you the trouble of entering them manually.

Note: If you submit a publication in HAL that contains a mathematical formula in its title, you are advised to write it in LaTeX (in the form $....$)

For example: $\sqrt(x^2+y^2)$

Titles containing one or more mathematical formulae and not written in LaTeX will lead to a LaTeX compilation error during generation of the Raweb.

For details of how to create the Raweb activity report, you can consult the documentation (instructions on the content and technical procedures):

INRIA intranet site

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