Keeping informed of the latest submissions

You can keep track of the latest submissions by creating subscription profiles in ’My space’ (maximum of 10 profiles for a single behalf subscription).

You will then be alerted by email of the new publications recorded that meet the criteria you have selected. The alerts concern HAL-Inria and HAL. It is also possible to add other instances by selecting them from the list. You can decide how often you want to receive alerts and about what type of document (recent articles, old articles, bibliographical records).

You can choose to be alerted about ‘recent’ documents (= documents for the current year) and/or old documents (=retro-submissions for which the writing date is specified).

Finally, you can combine the desired domains with other criteria such as the laboratory name, author, etc.

The latest submissions can also be viewed via ’View’ (the last 30 submissions entered).

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