"My space"

In the tab "My space", you access to all the datas of your account :

  • My profile: If you want, you can modify your personnal datas, your deposit domain, your password, etc.
  • My documents on the FTP space: Link to the CCSD documentation CAUTION : this space is absolutely not a file storage space but a temporarly deposit file space for very big files too voluminous to be added directly by the web form (accessibility duration of your documents : around 1 month).
  • My researchs+My library: Link to the CCSD documentation You can save and use a research to be informed by mail of all the new publications on your selected criterions.
  • My statistics : You can view the viewing statistics for your submissions and find out the number of times the documents submitted have been downloaded. The graphical presentations allow you to view:
    - Submissions for which you are the submitter
    - Submissions for which you are the author or one of the authors (note: the search is based on the LastName and first-name initial in the “auteur” [author] field).

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