Deleting files

To delete some bibliographical reference only, go to My Space/My deposits. Select the reference and use the link to delete.

It is not possible to delete or remove files with fulltext from the submission once it has been moderated. You can create a new version of your publication, which will be displayed first in read mode. See Creating a new version.

Normally, therefore, it will be impossible to destroy anything in HAL, which is an open archive with a policy of not allowing improper deletion of documents.

However, there are exceptional cases in which this rule may be derogated from: if you feel that the removal of a submission is necessary (duplicate, declared scientifically false by its authors themselves, or ‘ethically compromising’), you can write to the HAL-Inria administrators, giving the identifier of the publication to be deleted (document number), as well as the reasons why you want to delete it.

IMPORTANT: it is possible to remove the attached file, leaving only the record, for submissions awaiting moderation only.

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