Making a submission


Publishing an Inria Research Report or Technical Report

To publish an INRIA Research Report (RR) or Technical Report (RT), you must obtain a report number by going to the URL :

IMPORTANT: to use this function, you must be listed in the INRIA Ldap directory. (access via INRIA login/password)

A report number is obtained immediately.

Once your report has been written, in accordance with the publishing rules you will find on the INRIA intranet-> ] Caution: this page contains several tabs to be consulted

You request an INRIA report number by clicking on :

Once the report number has been assigned, you must submit your report in HAL-INRIA.

Vous devrez:

  • Insert this number in the source of your research report
    • For the LaTeX, insert \RRNoXXXX apres le \begindocument
  • Rename the source file of the report as: RR-XXXX.tex (ou ps ou pdf suivant les cas)
  • Submit it in HAL with the SAME INFORMATION (title, author, project)
    • in the category "Document with bibliographical reference" > "REPORT"
    • Fill in the ‘Internal reference’ field with the value RR-XXXX

This report will be incorporated in the INRIA reports collection

For any further information, contact :

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