Making a submission


Publication types

You can submit different types of paper:

- Working papers: articles or papers on which work is ongoing (pre-print) and that have not yet been peer-reviewed, if you wish to quickly share the state of progress of your research or show the work you have done so far

- Submitted for evaluation: articles or papers recording research results, which you have submitted to peers for evaluation (conferences or journals)

- Published or publication in progress (post-print version): Articles or papers accepted by a scientific committee, which will soon be published or presented, or have already been, according to publishing authorisations.

You can check the rights accorded to you by the main publishers on the Sherpa/Roméo site which details the policies of the main publishers on self-archiving

You can submit:

  • a document without a bibliographical reference (preprint) (a document not initially intended to be submitted to a review committee and published)
  • a document with a bibliographical reference.

When submitting, you must select the type of publications you wish to submit: The type of publication chosen will determine the input matrix. It is essential to make the correct choice so as to make your submission properly and obtain an appropriate record. You can choose from several types of publications:.

To see all the types of publications you can submit on HAL, see the section Submitting by selecting a form

To submit an Inria Research Report or Technical Report, see the section Publishing an Inria Research Report or Technical Report

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