Making a submission


Submitting via BibTeX pre-entry

You can also use the ’BibTeX pre-entry’ function, which will automatically generate the record of the type specified in the BibTeX content (some metadata are pre-entered).

In the ’Submit’ menu, select the tab ’BibTeX pre-entry’.

The format of the submission will be selected automatically based on the type defined in the BibTeX, namely:

  • ‘article’ => Articles in journals with a review committee
  • "inproceedings" => Conference papers with proceedings
  • “book”=> Scientific works
  • “incollection” => Chapters from scientific works
  • “techreport”=> Report
  • “unpublished”=> Other publications
  • “misc”=> Patents

* only the first element of the BibTeX content will be taken into account

* for the authors, only the formats: First Name1 Surname1 and First Name2 Surname2 or Surname1, First Name1 and Surname2, First Name2 will be taken into account.

* the "and" between 2 names must be in lower case.


IMPORTANT: The import only works for one article at a time. For each new document submitted, you must use the ‘BibTeX pre-entry’ function again.

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