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Submitting by selecting a form

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Since the end of 2009, it has been possible to submit, via HAL-INRIA+, publications that do not strictly fit within the scope of HAL and to which you wish to give the profile and long-term storage offered by an open-access archive. These articles are only visible from HAL-INRIA. They are:

  • Documents associated with scientific events (tutorials or presentations associated with conferences). CAUTION: obligation of deposit the full text.

For further details, see the HAL-INRIA+ section

Furthermore, if you wish to submit a collection of conference proceedings, refer to the section Submitting conference proceedings

Concerning reports, in the case of an INRIA report, after selecting the ’Report’ form, you must, when entering the metadata, check the corresponding box: ’INRIA research report’.

For further details, see the section Publishing an INRIA research report or technical report

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