Making a submission


Recap of data

The ‘Recap’ button summons up a summary of all the data concerning the authors and the documents submitted. The ‘recap’ stage allows you to view the bibliographical reference produced using your data, as it will appear in HAL-Inria. At this stage, you still have the option to go back and modify the information by clicking on the bar in the top right-hand corner (files, authors, metadata, recap).

Avoid clicking ‘back’ in your browser, as this will render the HAL context variables invalid. You can also navigate around your record using the ‘previous stage’ and ‘next stage’ buttons at the bottom of each page.

When you have checked the data, click ’Submit’.

Note: Once the document has been submitted, you will no longer be able to withdraw the document from the HAL-Inria instance.

Before it becomes visible, your document will be subjected to a technical verification to check the conformity of the submission before it is posted online. For each submission, the server automatically sends you a message to confirm receipt. This message contains the identifier and password associated with the submission.

When the publication is posted online, an email is sent to the author and co-authors designated as the ’corresponding authors’. To see how to designate a corresponding author, see the Affiliating an author section Affiliating an author

A list of your submissions and their status is available in ’My space’ and you can make any modifications directly when logged in. When your submission is accepted (once the technical verification has been done), you will receive a confirmation message. This may take 24 hours.

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