Making a submission


Input field for European projects

Since March 2010, there has been a new field in HAL (and HAL-INRIA) for European projects. It can be used to associate a document submitted in HAL with a European project.

It is based on the ANR projects model, and uses a reference system managed in HAL (based on the Cordis FP7 and FP6 forms). All European Union FP6 and FP7 projects are available in this reference system. Eventually, all projects will be available, including those that are not in Cordis.

When inputting the value, it is possible to enter the Cordis number, the acronym or the title of the European project. If the project does not yet exist in the reference system, notably because it is not referenced in Cordis, enter the acronym. The form concerning this project will then be added to the reference system.

It is possible to perform an advanced search on these European projects (by acronym). It is also possible to create a collection associated with a European project, e.g.

This field is available for all publications of the type ‘document with bibliographical reference’.

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