Making a submission


Entering laboratories

When submitting your publication, you must fill in the projects/laboratories of your co-author(s).

IMPORTANT: When there is an attachment, it is essential to associate all co-authors with a laboratory or project. For records without a full-text article, at least one of the authors must be associated with one or more laboratories or teams.

Only laboratory records that have been validated by the information officers can be reused for submissions; a check before submission is therefore preferable: on Hal-Inria, in the Services tab, select the option View laboratories known to HAL .

To view the laboratories that no longer exist (laboratory record closed), check the box ’Include laboratories that no longer exist’

If the project/laboratory is not known to Hal, you have 2 options:

1. Enter a new laboratory during your submission

You can enter a new laboratory during your submission; don’t forget that validation by the information officers is required for reuse. See also Affiliating an author

2. Delegate the input of a new laboratory to the documentation centre

Contact your Research Centre’s information officers, also indicating in the email the full affiliation of the desired laboratory :

    • Name and Abbreviation of the laboratory :
      • IMPORTANT: For Inria authors, the ’Name’ section corresponds to the abbreviation of the team, while the ’Abbreviation’ section corresponds to the laboratory or laboratories.
      • For authors from outside of Inria, the ‘Name’ section corresponds to the full name of the laboratory, while the ‘Abbreviation’ section corresponds to the abbreviation of this laboratory.
    • Full address :
    • Url :
    • Supervision : Cnrs, Insa, Inserm,...

Your Scientific and Technical Information department will alert you by email as soon as the laboratory is recognised by Hal Contact

If you receive no reply within 24 hours, you can forward your request to:

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