Submission of a .ppt, image or video only

Is it possible to submit a ppt presentation, image or video alone ?

No, images, PowerPoint presentations, etc. are considered as "supplementary data".

To submit a ppt, there are two options.

• Build a pdf using the ppt and submit that, also submitting the ppt as an appendix.

• Make a record (do not submit a file) and, in the metadata ‘See also’, insert a link to the ppt.

This solution is not very satisfactory, as the submission will appear in HAL but will not be harvested or indexed by the search engines (only submissions with full texts are harvested and indexed). To submit an image or a video, an article is required. If you wish to submit a poster or documents associated with scientific events such as tutorials, presentations/prefaces, short papers, conference digests, you can do so via HAL-Inria+ (see HAL-Inria+ section).

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