Submitting an Inria Research Report with an existing submission

How do I make an Inria Research Report using a previous submission ?

Here are the steps to follow to create an Inria report using a previous submission:

1. Change the publication type if the previous submission is not of the ’Report’ type.

- Go to “My space/My past submissions”,
- Select the article then "Add/Modify the publication reference": Fill in the missing metadata, then select ‘Add/Modify’.

If your previous submission contained a file, you must ‘create a new version’. Otherwise, you must ‘add a file’.

2. To create a new version or add the file:

- Go to “My space/My past submissions”,
- Select the article, then "Create a new version" or "Add the file",
- Add the file,
- Follow the steps below and, on the last step, above the "Submit" button, the radio button "Submit to the Inria Research Report collection" should appear.

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