Entering an affiliation

Do I have to re-enter my affiliation after my first submission ?

"NO, you do not have to re-enter your affiliation", unless the laboratory’s record has been closed (i.e. the laboratory no longer exists):

For all new submissions, HAL "calculates" default affiliations based on the author’s last published submission (unless the laboratory record is "closed").

This also applies for the affiliation of co-authors.

Furthermore, if in “My space” > “My account” you have checked the box “associate me as the author by default”, the “Author” field will be automatically pre-filled and will save you from having to systematically enter your first name, surname, email and the URL of a personal page for all future submissions.

See also the section Affiliating an author

For further details on submitting publications in HAL-Inria, see Submitting a publication

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