Recovering the ArXiv password

Is it possible to recover the password sent by ArXiv when a submission is made via Hal?

For the sake of consistency between the 2 bases, the owner of submissions to ArXiv via HAL is HAL and not the contributor.

This prevents submissions from being modified in ArXiv and not in Hal. You may, however, ask ArXiv to recover the password associated with the submission. You can now ask to be made the owner of a submission transferred from HAL to ArXiv. All they need to do is send their request to ArXiv : (mail = www-admin@arxiv.org). It is necessary to have ArXiv archive account.

Note that new HAL versions (submissions of a new full-text version) are automatically submitted in ArXiv.

Further information about transfer to ArXiv is given in the Transfer to ArXiv section.

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