Types of files to be submitted

What types of files can I submit for transfer to ArXiv?

If you wish to transfer the file(s) to ArXiv, you must comply with the requirements imposed by ArXiv:

  • If the ps was generated by LaTeX, you must provide the LaTeX sources (if you wrote your document in .tex, your source files must be submitted and will be visible).
  • TeX or LaTeX file: The size of the tar.gz for all the files must be < 3MB, the sum of the file sizes must be < 10MB and individually, each file must be < 6MB
  • For pdf files, font type 3 is prohibited and there must be a single file with a size of < 3MB, which must not come from TeX or LaTeX.
  • If your article was written in .rtf or Word, HAL transfers only the automatically generated .pdf to ArXiv.

Detailed information is available in the Transfer to ArXiv section.

More information on: http://fr.arxiv.org/help/sizes

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