‘No document’

Why do some publication URLs redirect to a screen saying ‘no document’?

It may be that some publication URLs are no longer functioning and display ‘no document’ in the following cases: :

  • The document has been deleted by the person who submitted it, who can do this if it was a record only (with no attachment); in exceptional cases, dispensation may be granted to delete publications with attachments. See Deleting files.
  • The document is being validated: You must wait for the CCSD to validate the document and for the submitter to make any modifications requested (e.g. http://hal.inria.fr/inria-00547317/en)
  • The document was created by a newly created HAL instance that has not yet been declared by Hal-INRIA; in this case, contact the support team, citing the link concerned, and they will resolve the issue.

Contact us : archive-ouverte@inria.fr

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