Submission that does not appear in a search

Question 1: Why doesn’t my publication appear when I do a search on HAL (regardless of whether I search by author, by keyword, etc.) ?

If it is a record only (without an attachment), then it will only appear when you perform a ’simple search’ or an ’advanced search’ having checked the box: ‘include bibliographic records’.

Question 2: Why do I not find my publication when I do a search by title in HAL ?

If the title of the publication was copied and pasted from LaTeX, it may contain a typographic ligature (where two graphemes are joined to form a single glyph).

We cannot see these ligatures with the naked eye. E.g. http://hal.inria.fr/inria-00192821 (in the title of this publication, the ‘f’ and the ‘i’ are joined).

But a search performed in HAL or HAL-Inria using this title with the characters ’fi’ not joined will not produce any results.

To ensure that publications are found by the HAL search engine, it is best to avoid ligatures.

Please note: a publication whose title contains a ligature will be found by an internet search engine.

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