Why submit?

HAL-Inria accepts both pre-print and post-print submissions.

The archive can be consulted by anyone, while submission is restricted to scientists in fields covered by HAL-Inria (computer science and applied mathematics – control and scientific computing).

Submissions must be made in accordance with copyright laws, either by one of the authors of the document with the agreement of the other authors, or by an authorised person (a documentation expert from the laboratory, for example).

Why submit a publication via HAL-INRIA ?

- Visibility and impact: The articles posted online are available immediately and without restriction. Putting articles online significantly increases peer citation. Online articles can be cited up to 5 times more often than others. Their national and international impact is optimised. See also ‘Online or Invisible?’ by Steve Lawrence, NEC Research Institute.

- Longevity: Many researchers already post their articles on their personal page or that of their project team.

What else does HAL offer ?

For researchers, HAL-Inria provides a way of listing and backing up all their publications (with their different source file formats: LaTeX, ps, TeX and pdf) in a single place and for the long term.
See also Long-term archiving of files .

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