Insert publications in a website

Firstly, it is necessary to have built the url type via Haltools :

see Create the web page. Then, to show the dynamic list of publications in a web page, there are several possibilities:

- View the list in an iframe by adding the following code:

- Use the object tag

- If you are allergic to iframe or simply if you do not want a scroll bar, here is a solution in php :

  • Dans le <head>, ajouter les deux lignes suivantes :
  • and eventually add your own style sheet file
  • Then in the <body>, add :
  • If you want to insert a DIV only without the head and body tags, add the url produced ’& noheader’ :
  • If you have a page in latin1 or other encoding as UTF-8, here’s the solution :

- If there is on the apache server in php.ini, the "allow url fopen" enabled, you can also add in the <body> :

WARNING, This is not recommended for security reasons (Cf, voir l’alerte de sécurité).

- It is very easy to add a form that can dynamically calculate the publications web page with a filter on the author, a word from the title, the year of publication or any other field.

Here’s an example the publications page of the LEAR team:

To integrate this form into your web page publications created since HalTools, copy / paste the . Php code shown below in your page. Html. This is an example: you have to consider changing the query HalTools according to the values ​​you want.

- For those who develop their site with the open source CMS joomla, a researcher of the PHOENIX team (Inria Bordeaux) has developed a plugin to insert the web page created by HalTools in a joomla page using a simple tag of the form "hal author =" John Doe "epi =" xxx ".... This tag is then replaced by the HAL results loading the page (using javascript / php).

This approach avoids the scrollbars iframes and blocking of the view during the recovery of the request in the HAL database (ex:

This plugin can be upload from Beware, no maintenance is provided by the team of HAL-Inria on this plugin.

- For those who develop their site without joomla, the plugin described bellow is also available (see chapter "Without Joomla" in

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