Modifying the style

If you wish to modify the style of the page, you must modifiy the css parameter in the url ( indicating your own stylesheet.

To see an example, see

You can also look up the general stylesheet to know the classes you can complete.

All the fields (author, title,...) that are published are associated with a specific css class, which allows to change the style for each of them seperately. Here are some rules :

  • In order to know the name of the class of a field, the easiest is to view the source code for the page that was generated (ex: Titre, Auteurs. detail_revue, ...).
  • The css class of the sections (1st sorting criteria) is : Rubrique
  • The css class of the sub-sections (2ème tri) is : SousRubrique
  • The name of the fields is not visible because its css class, which is ChampRes, is set as display:none.
  • The area at the beginning of the page, which summarises the search request and the number of results is not visible, because its css class, named ZoneTitreResultat is set as display:none.

Once you added the needed styles in the stylesheet, change the url by replacing the css parameters with your file’s (Ex:

CAUTION: link to the style sheet must be an https link

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