The page of a project-team

In HAL/HAL-Inria, a project team (EPI) is identified by:

  • a unique number
  • a name, which is the name of the project-team
  • an acronym, which corresponds to : Research Center Name / Laboratory name

To know these values from the portal, use the menu Services/Find your project/laboratory.

In order to create a page containing all the publications of a project or a laboratory, use the field Laboratoire(s)/EPI(s).

In case of homonym for the name of the laboratory, use :

  • either the laboratory number,
  • or, in the field Collection/Tampon type xxx to indicate that the project or laboratory are at the xxx collection
  • or, in the field "Project / Laboratory affiliation" enter yyy to filter projects or laboratories affiliated to yyy.

How to add publications of researchers outside of EPI

To do this, simply add to the url built by haltools &auteurs_EPI = Firstname1, name1; prenom2, name2 ... Example: the URL used by the LEAR team for all its publications and all those of its researchers is

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