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Several solutions are possible:

  • If the author is uniquely identified in HAL (it’s a miracle!), Then it may refer Authors = firstname, lastname (ex: Author = Albert,Einstein)
  • If the author has several identities and if he hnows all of them he can enter them: Author = Firstname1, lastname1; Firstname2, lastname2 (ex: Author = Albert,Einstein;A.,Einstein)
  • If the author does not know its identities in HAL, it can try:
    • with his name, he enters Authors = xxx -> All publications, with author’s lastname is ’xxx’ will be proposed. He can thow choose the identities that correspond to him: Author = Firstname1, lastname1; Firstname2, lastname2.
  • In case of homonyms of persons (same lastname and firstname), try to use other fields like laboratory or collection.
    • A list of laboratories/EPI may be given and the search will be on the authors and affiliations. For example, you may enter Authors = Firstname1, Lastname1; Firstname2, lastname2 and Laboratories/Epi = labo1; labo2; labo3. You can also use the number of the laboratory, to be sure to select the good one. To know a laboratory number in HAL/Hal-Inria, use the menu Services/Find your project/laboratory.
    • You may add a filter on the Project / Laboratory affiliation or on a collection (ex: INRIA or CNRS).
    • In case of homonyms in the same laboratory, there is no solution yet. Wait until you add in HAL "a unique author reference."

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